The Wanderer 5/6/2010

Out of all the good books I've read this year, The Wanderer by Sharon Creech is probably one of my top 3 books. It is a just right book for me because it is about the right length and I can understand the content good enough think that that I can enjoy the book. I think this book is similar to The Swiss Family Robinson, a book that was about the discovery of New Zealand, it included all the survival skills that were in The Wanderer too. This book made me feel that if you try to make things happen, it will happen.

First, I would probably want to talk about Cody, he is the kind of person that never gets serious, doesn't worry, just wants to have fun, he seems very simple on the outside, but deep down, he has a lot of problems. He starts this way, but seems to get more serious towards the end of the book. Sophie is the only girl aboard The Wanderer. She starts off wanting to go sailing and boating all the time and claims that te ocean calls to her. At the end, she is sick of the sea after being stranded in it for 3 months.

The problem is solved when the weather changes when they are nearly there. They wouldn't have made it there with all those leaks, but when the weather changed, the crew members patched it up, letting it finish it's journey. What I would change in the story is the end, leave it bad weather, I would really like to see what they would do if the weather didn't change. I think the author's message is if you try to do it, you can.

Tracker 5-4-2010

I have finished reading Tracker by Gary Paulsen for a literature circle book. This book made me feel that I was being taught by my parents all over again because they always said that if you believe you can and you try, you can achieve it. This book is a just right book for me because the reading level is about my level, I can understand the plot.

I have chosen to talk about John and John's Grandpa and how they changed, in the beginning, he was hoping he could go hunting with his grandpa, in the middle, he knew what he needed to do, shoot a deer and bring back the liver for his grandpa, next, touch the deer because it has a link to his Grandpa's fate. For John's Grandpa, he doesn't change much but he changes in the middle from wanting John to do the normal chores he did, to becoming just as hardworking as John and taking up the job.

In the end, John was tracking the doe for 2 days and a night strait, until he finally managed to tire the doe out until it collapsed, then, he touched it, he did not shoot, because he thought there was a link about the doe that had something to do with his grandfather, if I was the writer, I would have cut down the front about John going to school and starting it right away at the hunting part. I think that the author's message is that if you try and hope to do something, it will happen.

The Tale of Despereax 4/22/2010

One of my favorite books is The Tale of Despereax by Kate Dicamillo. This book made me feel that as long as you want and try to do something, you will achieve it. This is sort of like the other book that I read in class called Tracker because in the book, John wanted dearly to go and touch a doe, he tried for more than 2 days and a night and he finally suceeded, this book was a Just Right book for me because I understood the plot and the words in the story.

Despereax is a mouse, twice as small as a normal mouse should be. He had ridiculasly large ears and was born with his eyes open. He was not like a mouse should be, he didn't like to eat, he just liked music and reading, he even fell in love with a human princess. He fainted at loud sounds and always carried a handkerchief in one hand because he always sneezed and coughed. He changes because he was a "wimp" when he was sent to the dungeon, but a different mouse when he came out. He even decided to go back again to save the Princess. Roscuro was a rat who desired light, he lived in the darkness of the dungeon, but he wanted to go upstairs to be bedazzled with brightness. Except that when he went upstairs, he somehow managed to get into the queens soup. The queen loved soup and when she found a rat in it, it scared the life out of her, literally. Seeing that the queen was dead, his heart broke and some hearts when tried to be mended mend in not the excatly the right way. He was a different rat, he wanted something beutiful for himself, thats why he wanted the Princess trapped in the dungeon forever.

The book ends with Despereax saving the Princess and Roscuro changing his ways. The Princess gave Roscuro free access from the castle dungeon and the upstair rooms, they even gave him soup, wich was forbidded after the queen died. I would like to change the part when Roscuro tortures a prisoner and realizes it is really not what he wanted and realised that what his parents told him about suffering was the answer was all wrong, I would have changed that part and put more details about him escaping the dungeon for the first time.

Perloo the Bold 3-1-2010

The book I have completed is Perloo the Bold by Avi, this is a JR book for me because I can understand it clearly and the words are at the appropriate level for me. This book made me feel that sometimes you just need to try something you don't want to do. Sometimes, the same thing is for me, I can easily say this is true after I do a performance on stage in front of a lot of people. I don't like the idea beforehand and walk away very comfortable of what I achieved.

Two main characters are Perloo and Berwig. Perloo is a shy Montmer, rabbit-like animals who talk and think like a human can, starting out only caring about reading his books and drinking tea in his own burrow in his bed, he becomes a great leader after tricking false ones and going through enemy territory. Berwig is the cub of the last granter and has a disgusting attitude and also wants to be the granter even though he wasn't chosen, he loves to eat and scratches himself making him look as ugly as a Montmer could be. Really rough in the beginning, he then becomes aware of himself when he is finally thrown in jail for doing all the wrong he had done.

For the solution, Perloo wins a duel against Senyous, another self-proclaimed granter of the Montmers, becomes a granter and makes a rule, from now on, nobody will be granter, let everyone be granter so that anyone can vote for the tribe rules. The thing I would change in this book is the part about Gumpel, talking to Senyous and Berwig, and put something more interesting like something about Perloo in the Felbart (wolf-like animals) territory. I think that the authors message in this story is to try something you don't want, be open minded to anything, even if it does not please you.

Fudge-a-Mania - 12/14/2009

I have finished reading the book Fudge-a-Mania which was written by Judy Blume. When I was reading this book, it made me feel releived, I'm pretty lucky I don't have such an annoying brother as Fudge, at least my sister isn't all that bad. This helped me understand better because I could get a better idea of Fudge. This book is a Just Right book because it is the proper thickness for me, about 1 and a half cm long, it also has the right amount of words on each page.

Peter, the character telling the story, starts off at the beginning of the book really looking forward for the summer, but later, thanks to Fudge and Sheila realizes this is the worst summer he could possibly have. Sheila, Peter's sworn enemy, is just about as bad as Fudge, even worse. She seems to really bug Peter, in the beginning, she is just like Peter, really looking forward, and when she knows Peter is coming, she seems to be annoyed. Fudge, Peter's brother is also really annoying, he is a curious person and enjoys going ahead and doing things he has not been told instead of asking questions, he starts wanting to marry Sheila just to keep monsters away, and then later just becomes more irritable. Probably the only thing that made all of them change, was Grandma's and Buzzy Senior's marriage.

The end came when Peter's Grandma and Sheila's Grandad married. Even though they were related, they both agreed that neither of them would like much less love each other like a family would. The thing that I would change, is about Grandma's and Buzzy Senior's wedding, I would very much like to see Fudge and Sheila's marriage, some kind of wedding. I think the author was just telling the readers how a summer could end up, and how maybe you shouldn't be so annoyed because you go to school. That might be even better.

Sign of the Beaver - 12/1/2009

The characters in Sign of the Beaver are Attean and Matt. In the story, Matt's family is having a baby the cabin that Matt lives in is in the middle of a forest. And when the baby comes, it is to be born at the hospital very far away, Matt isn't allowed to go, and he has to stay at the cabin and try to survive. Then, an Indian tribe leader comes and makes an agreement that Matt will teach the leader's grandson, Attean, how to read. In return, the people of the tribe will supply Matt with enough food to live on. Matt's parents have been gone a long time ago, they were late, when the dog that Attean owns gets caught in a bear trap, Matt has to go back to the Indian village to get help. Things aren't going his way, Attean says that his tribe may be going to move forever, what will Matt do?

The setting in this book is in a cabin in a clearing of a forest, Matt's father found it when he was searching for a place to live in after Matt was born, ever since, they have been living in a middle of a forest with nobody or shops nearby, they had to live with what they had in the forest. That meant to find their own food. Apparently, it happens that Indians were living in this area. So Matt has to make do with them.

This story happened in the 1700s when the Europeans found out about America. This is also the time when the Indians and the coloners had troubles with them, there were often wars about land and hunting grounds. It really wasn't to good a place for Matt to live in.

This book was written to show people what life could be like back in the 1700s. She wanted to show people how it was when two cultures met together, normally, it caused a lot of conflict. It was also written to show how people can make friendships even if the people may not be alike. In the story, Attean considers Matt as a brother in the end.

The Whipping Boy - Summary

Prince Brat gets fed up with being served and the "boring" life in the castle, he wants adventure, so he takes along his whipping boy, who was called Jemmy, to run away and try out life on their own, Jemmy, who was originally born on the streets wanted to run away too, but not with this brat, but was dragged along anyway. After successfully fleeing to the forest, they are caught by cutthroats, Cutwater and Hold-Your Nose Billy.

After a long time of arguing about a ransom, they finally break free thanks to a little help from a girl and a bear, apparently named Petunia. When they finally reach the city, the boys see that when they were gone, trouble had already started up. Now, Jemmy has two problems, he's being pursued by cutthroats who think he is the real prince, and even a king who is willing to give out prize money for the capture of the royal whipping boy, now what is he going to do?