Fudge-a-Mania - 12/14/2009

I have finished reading the book Fudge-a-Mania which was written by Judy Blume. When I was reading this book, it made me feel releived, I'm pretty lucky I don't have such an annoying brother as Fudge, at least my sister isn't all that bad. This helped me understand better because I could get a better idea of Fudge. This book is a Just Right book because it is the proper thickness for me, about 1 and a half cm long, it also has the right amount of words on each page.

Peter, the character telling the story, starts off at the beginning of the book really looking forward for the summer, but later, thanks to Fudge and Sheila realizes this is the worst summer he could possibly have. Sheila, Peter's sworn enemy, is just about as bad as Fudge, even worse. She seems to really bug Peter, in the beginning, she is just like Peter, really looking forward, and when she knows Peter is coming, she seems to be annoyed. Fudge, Peter's brother is also really annoying, he is a curious person and enjoys going ahead and doing things he has not been told instead of asking questions, he starts wanting to marry Sheila just to keep monsters away, and then later just becomes more irritable. Probably the only thing that made all of them change, was Grandma's and Buzzy Senior's marriage.

The end came when Peter's Grandma and Sheila's Grandad married. Even though they were related, they both agreed that neither of them would like much less love each other like a family would. The thing that I would change, is about Grandma's and Buzzy Senior's wedding, I would very much like to see Fudge and Sheila's marriage, some kind of wedding. I think the author was just telling the readers how a summer could end up, and how maybe you shouldn't be so annoyed because you go to school. That might be even better.