The Wanderer 5/6/2010

Out of all the good books I've read this year, The Wanderer by Sharon Creech is probably one of my top 3 books. It is a just right book for me because it is about the right length and I can understand the content good enough think that that I can enjoy the book. I think this book is similar to The Swiss Family Robinson, a book that was about the discovery of New Zealand, it included all the survival skills that were in The Wanderer too. This book made me feel that if you try to make things happen, it will happen.

First, I would probably want to talk about Cody, he is the kind of person that never gets serious, doesn't worry, just wants to have fun, he seems very simple on the outside, but deep down, he has a lot of problems. He starts this way, but seems to get more serious towards the end of the book. Sophie is the only girl aboard The Wanderer. She starts off wanting to go sailing and boating all the time and claims that te ocean calls to her. At the end, she is sick of the sea after being stranded in it for 3 months.

The problem is solved when the weather changes when they are nearly there. They wouldn't have made it there with all those leaks, but when the weather changed, the crew members patched it up, letting it finish it's journey. What I would change in the story is the end, leave it bad weather, I would really like to see what they would do if the weather didn't change. I think the author's message is if you try to do it, you can.

Tracker 5-4-2010

I have finished reading Tracker by Gary Paulsen for a literature circle book. This book made me feel that I was being taught by my parents all over again because they always said that if you believe you can and you try, you can achieve it. This book is a just right book for me because the reading level is about my level, I can understand the plot.

I have chosen to talk about John and John's Grandpa and how they changed, in the beginning, he was hoping he could go hunting with his grandpa, in the middle, he knew what he needed to do, shoot a deer and bring back the liver for his grandpa, next, touch the deer because it has a link to his Grandpa's fate. For John's Grandpa, he doesn't change much but he changes in the middle from wanting John to do the normal chores he did, to becoming just as hardworking as John and taking up the job.

In the end, John was tracking the doe for 2 days and a night strait, until he finally managed to tire the doe out until it collapsed, then, he touched it, he did not shoot, because he thought there was a link about the doe that had something to do with his grandfather, if I was the writer, I would have cut down the front about John going to school and starting it right away at the hunting part. I think that the author's message is that if you try and hope to do something, it will happen.