Perloo the Bold 3-1-2010

The book I have completed is Perloo the Bold by Avi, this is a JR book for me because I can understand it clearly and the words are at the appropriate level for me. This book made me feel that sometimes you just need to try something you don't want to do. Sometimes, the same thing is for me, I can easily say this is true after I do a performance on stage in front of a lot of people. I don't like the idea beforehand and walk away very comfortable of what I achieved.

Two main characters are Perloo and Berwig. Perloo is a shy Montmer, rabbit-like animals who talk and think like a human can, starting out only caring about reading his books and drinking tea in his own burrow in his bed, he becomes a great leader after tricking false ones and going through enemy territory. Berwig is the cub of the last granter and has a disgusting attitude and also wants to be the granter even though he wasn't chosen, he loves to eat and scratches himself making him look as ugly as a Montmer could be. Really rough in the beginning, he then becomes aware of himself when he is finally thrown in jail for doing all the wrong he had done.

For the solution, Perloo wins a duel against Senyous, another self-proclaimed granter of the Montmers, becomes a granter and makes a rule, from now on, nobody will be granter, let everyone be granter so that anyone can vote for the tribe rules. The thing I would change in this book is the part about Gumpel, talking to Senyous and Berwig, and put something more interesting like something about Perloo in the Felbart (wolf-like animals) territory. I think that the authors message in this story is to try something you don't want, be open minded to anything, even if it does not please you.

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  1. I think that you wrote this report brilliantly. I think that it explained the book and what it was about. What could have had more detail is explaining what is so bad if the Montmers choose their rules. Also what did the Felbarts did that they should be in your new title to the book. Everything else is amazing. Good Job!