The Whipping Boy - Summary

Prince Brat gets fed up with being served and the "boring" life in the castle, he wants adventure, so he takes along his whipping boy, who was called Jemmy, to run away and try out life on their own, Jemmy, who was originally born on the streets wanted to run away too, but not with this brat, but was dragged along anyway. After successfully fleeing to the forest, they are caught by cutthroats, Cutwater and Hold-Your Nose Billy.

After a long time of arguing about a ransom, they finally break free thanks to a little help from a girl and a bear, apparently named Petunia. When they finally reach the city, the boys see that when they were gone, trouble had already started up. Now, Jemmy has two problems, he's being pursued by cutthroats who think he is the real prince, and even a king who is willing to give out prize money for the capture of the royal whipping boy, now what is he going to do?

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