Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Dog Days) - 11/17/2009

The book I have finished reading is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days by Jeff Kinney. The book made me feel signifigant since I feel that I am obviously not such a wimp as Greg, who is the main character. I can make a connection to Greg since I often too, realize that nothing really goes my way, I often feel like everything is going wrong just when good things just pop back. This is a just right book for me since the lenghth is about just the right amount of words and chapters.

There are 3 characters who have a big part in this story, Greg, Rowely and Rodrick. Greg,the main character is the one who is writing in the diary. In the series, Greg doesn't change much, he just is the same old self-centered middleschooler, although, he often regrets and changes his mind about things that he thought at first were fun. Rodrick, is Greg's older brother and is the kind of teenager who loves heavy metal music. He enjoys punching Greg and teasing him about how he is such a wimp. Rodrick often starts off very self-centered in the beginning and only cared about his band rehearsals, but later ends up stuck with Greg, so, to pass his time, he teases Greg. Rowley, who is Greg's friend is sort of like a wimp, he is also spoiled. his dad tries to make Rowley is a winner when he really isn't. So he starts off being a wimp, but later becomes more popular, thanks to Greg's help, but still, in Greg's eyes, Rowley is just a sissy.

The problems Greg encountered are just the problems that you may come accross in life. Greg may come to a shortage of money, or he has no more clean shirts to change into, but unlike most stories, Greg often just stays the wimp he is. If you ask me what Jeff Kinney was trying to say, it would be, try to not be a wimp in other people's eyes. If I had something to change in the story, I would take out the part when Greg ends up staying at Rowleys place and replace it with a funny event like bumping into a certain girl he likes on the street and how he makes himself like a fool. Just something to replace it would be fine.

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