From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler - 11/2/2009

The book I have finished reading is called From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. It was written by E.L. Konigburg and is a just right book for me since it was one of the books my teacher said was just a little too difficult for me to read, now I am a more advanced reader it is Just Right now. After I had finished the book, I felt a feeling that made me feel that I wasn't on my own since I thought like Claudia, everyone at home seemed to have no Jonas Appreciation. It felt a little reassuring that I wasn't the only one.

There were two main characters in this story. One, was Jamie and the other one, was Claudia. Jamie is the kind of boy who really likes the idea of adventure. Hitchhiking, and other crazy ideas would be labeled with bold letters. Studying and other educational programs, he would probably label with BORING with underlined letters. He has another weird hobby, cheating. He can easily cheat a first grader into losing money against him when he plays cards. Claudia, on the other hand, is the opposite of Jamie and likes to study and tries to stay calm, and is pretty big on playing fair. Later in the story, Claudia changes and always thinks: Money is survival. So she isn't so big on being fair anymore. Jamie, in the end, ends up liking to study, only things that interest him though. And that just happens to be an angel sculpture sculpted by Michael Angelo.

The moment the kids lay their eyes on a certain angel statue, Claudia has a weird sensation about the angel. The angel is suspected to be made by Michael Angelo and are wondering if it is true. The Museum the kids have been hiding in got the statue from a woman called Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Most people just call her Mrs. Frankweiler. So when they found themselves in Mrs. Frankweiler's lab to figure out the truth, they get the good news, it was by Michael Angelo. But what was funny about the story, is that Claudia, wants to be a heroine, she wants to tell the world what was right, but she promises Mrs. Frankweiler to keep quiet and let it be a secret. But if I were to change something, I would change the part where they were in the library researching about it and replace it with something else, like dealing with their own survival problems, something like that. I get the feeling that the author was trying to tell me 2 things, nobody is not appreciated and should not run away from home, two, I think that the other message was that not all things must be all finished by you, and that not all things have to be announced to the world, sometimes secrets can be more promising.

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  1. A great job on your journal entry. I agree that it is sometimes reassuring to have a book affirm things we are thinking but really do not know. I wonder why that is?

    When doing your character sketch remember to use specific examples from the story. That will really make your character come alive for the reader. It also shows that you really have a deep understanding of the characters.

    I really enjoyed reading your entry.